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1:51pm 03-07-2015
Gail Stamm
Your site is wonderful! I'm interested in the Walter and Schade families and have found so much useful information on your website! Thank you so much!
Replied on: 8:43am 03-08-2015

Thank you Gail!

1:37pm 03-05-2015
Phil Patterson
A very informative site and great to visit and find out some interesting history. My interests are in the Tallman family - my 5x grandfather came from Ireland to Scotland and then family dispersed around the world. One Tallman family went to Chatworth (I think) Illinois and another to Ellensburg Washington. One family member Albert Henry Tallman born in Illinois in the late 1800's had four or five children. I would like to think I have some cousins in the area and would like to make contact.
Replied on: 8:47am 03-08-2015

Emailing you direct.

11:06am 01-29-2015
Paul Duffy
Thank you for all the history of the Duffy and Coughlin families. Many questions have been resolved and issues enlightened through your diligent efforts. Trying to locate family graves. Great grand parents were Thomas and Mary (McCarty) Duffy and Timothy and Hanora Coughlin. I believe all are in St Pat's Cemetary including Mary's father Patrick McCarty.
1:47pm 01-06-2015
Jim Twesten
I'm in the process of putting together my family history. In doing so I found that my great grandfather was killed in the Chatsworth-Niagara Falls train wreck.
Replied on: 8:46am 03-08-2015

Glad to be of help!

3:56pm 01-01-2015
Kate Hickey
Hi Mary,
Thank you for this website! I was just made aware of it through a cousin's son who lives in Juno, Alaska. I'm in Chicago where a few generations of us Hickeys call home. My dad and grandfather and great-grandfather were all Martin Hickey, and I know my great grandfather emigrated from County Clare, Ireland to Kentucky and then to Chatsworth. We noticed that in the article about the Great Trainwreck of 1887, Martin Hickey, home boy, was mentioned as he assisted in helping the injured (but he was about 10) and I think he was my great-grandpa. Although it was a gruesome and horrific event in history, I "enjoyed" reading about this piece of history that I heard of but not in such detail. Thank you again for providing this info for the rest of us! Happy New year, Kate (Kathleen)
Replied on: 8:45am 03-08-2015

Thank you Kate!

10:17am 12-20-2014
Mary Runyon Hanshew
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