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10:19am 03-25-2019
Carole Crumley
Hello Mary,
Thank you so much--I have found my grandmother Frances Knittles Irwin (this should be Erwin) who died of the 'flu in 1918. I found this line:
"All the years of her maidenhood were spent here and she was highly respected by the people of this city and by all who were acquainted with her." This makes this find very special for me, as my mother was only 3 when Frances died and I have few clues to her character.
best, Carole
Replied on: 9:15am 03-26-2019

Carole, Thank you for the note. I have made the corrections on her memorial. So glad to know how much such little things are appreciated! That's why I do what I do! You made my day!

9:54pm 02-23-2019
Laurie Richmond
I came across a few pictures of a train wreck which I believe may be the accident of 1887. These photos were in family belongings. I don't know what our connection is, but I wondered if anyone would be interested.


Not sure if I was able to post the pictures on this Guest Book.
Replied on: 6:42am 03-04-2019

Laurie, the photos did not show up. I am emailing you direct. Be sure to check your spam box too. It will com from w/ Chatsworth Train Wreck as subject. Thank you for this note.
Laurie, upon sending the email, Microsoft says there is no such domain. Do you have another email address?

Making second attempt to reach you by your gmail account.

8:36pm 11-04-2018
Margie Whittenbarger
Thanks Mary for all your work. Love looking up old stuff.
Replied on: 9:45am 11-05-2018

Thanks for visiting Margie. And it's great that you help Bob and Facebook with the obits. Fellow Bluebird Mary

3:11pm 10-02-2018
Teresa Euken
Thanks for all of your hard work! This is so interesting. I am trying to find information on my husband's great grandmother. Her name was Maria Koepke and it appears that she was born in Chatsworth on December 30, 1886. Later she moved to Sidney, Nebraska. Thank you! Teresa
Replied on: 9:43am 11-05-2018

Thank you for visiting Teresa. You have me on that one. I have never heard that surname. Was it her maiden name or married name. I would love to look into it further.

8:59pm 09-29-2018
jIM kuntz
I am living in NW Montana on a ranch with cattle, sheep & horses. Doing some farming too. No corn or beans tho. Son Eric & woman live here too. Think of Chatsworth often... spent 1941 to 1953 there. Lots of memories. Keep it going .... Jim
Replied on: 9:41am 11-05-2018

So glad you left a message Jim. Bet you love it in beautiful Montana. I used to see Gary now and then, but not since my illness. I know he visits our local museums and has been in contact with my little brother, the mayor. Think of your family often.

2:23pm 09-01-2018
ron keeley
Thank you for this site, I've found many articles on my family.{O'Briens,Cooneys,Clines,Freehills,Lutsons}.
Ron Keeley
Replied on: 9:39am 11-05-2018

Glad to help. Thanks for visiting my site Ron.

3:12pm 07-08-2018
shirley wade-hayhurs
Mary, Thank you for all your help in researching the Andrew Walch Family 1855-1875. Without your information, I would never have found my Great Grandfather. I'm still looking for their origination from Bavaria Germany/Prussia. I would like to order your book and was given the info to send a check to the Citizen Advisory Board. Thanks.....Shirley
Replied on: 9:38am 11-05-2018

Thank you for your comment Shirley. It is always my pleasure to help anyone I can. My health is limiting my computer time, but I still try.

10:31am 06-23-2018
Connie Anderson
Thanks for this wonderful site. I am enjoying learning about the area my parents live in early in their marriage.
Replied on: 9:35am 11-05-2018

Connie, thank you for visiting.

11:35am 04-22-2018
David Baine
Hi! I've got ties to Chatsworth through the Ford, Murtaugh, Kerrin, Lawless, Harrington and Mcgreal families. I'd love to learn how I can find more information on them. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!
Replied on: 9:34am 11-05-2018

Sorry to take so long in replying. Have you visited our library website where you can read all the old Chatsworth Plaindealers and our yearbooks from high school. Here is the link:

5:12pm 02-26-2018
john prindiville
Love the site. i'm trying to tie up some ends on my o'connor line and stumbled on the site. it answered many, many of the best sites of its kind on the internet.
Replied on: 5:44am 02-27-2018

John, Thank you so much for the comment. Love to know when I have helped someone. Good luck in your quest!

7:45pm 11-29-2017
Rosie Folwell
Hi Mary, I have been missing you. I lost my other email address, for some reason AOL kept asking me my password and I cant seem to get it right so am using Bobs email address. Plus since I cant get on my email I cant get to my address book. I said tonite, I am going to find a way to write Mary. I am praying you are doing ok, you know I think of you every day and ask God to take care of you. Maybe when you get this you can send me a note on the email address above and let me know you got it... love you lots. As ever, Rosie
8:36am 11-06-2017
Susan Hayes
Hi Mary:
I am a long-lost Wallrich that is interested in some family history/lineage and possibly photos or articles (anything really). I would appreciate if you could help me or point me in the right direction. My great-grandpa and his parents are from there. Thanks!
Replied on: 6:25am 11-08-2017

Emailing you direct. Thank you for visiting

3:38pm 09-30-2017
Mary (Susie) Brown
Hi Mary! This is your cousin Susie from California. I have a new email address but can still retrieve email from the old one. It's been a long time since we have communicated. How are you and how is the family? My daughter Rachel Hills is now very interested in our family tree. Can you please send me the link again to be able to view it? Also, is there a way to find out the names of her cousins (your children, nephews and nieces)? Susie
9:48pm 05-30-2017
Paul Rosenboom
It has been very interesting looking back at my family history.
Replied on: 10:09am 06-02-2017

Hope you found something new Paul! My family has a special connection to the Rosenboom family.

9:35pm 05-28-2017
Jim Hornickel
I have photos of John and Margaretta Schuch Hornickel who both came from Germany. Can I add them to your site?

Jim Hornickel
Replied on: 10:08am 06-02-2017

Contacting direct.

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