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7:37pm 10-19-2016
sharon Raymond
Love your site. Your doing a great job. Looking for pictures of Chatsworth for a quilt for the 150 yr. celebration. Have any others or someone who does have a few of the buildings?
Replied on: 7:36am 10-25-2016

Emailing direct

1:38am 08-28-2016
Awesome site and info. Was wondering where the historical marker for the chatsworth wreck is exactly located? Is it something you can walk up to or is it in the middle of the feild where it happend?
Replied on: 7:54am 09-07-2016

Andy, the marker is 2 1/2 miles east of Chatsworth, 1/2 mile from the Ford County line. You turn north there and of course you will find the tracks. You can park on the north side of the tracks there and walk to the exact site. Of course the culvert looks a little different but you will see it. Will also email you direct.

10:14pm 08-15-2016
Dale Jackson
I met you 2 or 3 years ago. I'm from Nebraska and my great and great great granddads are buried in Chatsworth Cemetery. Henry Jackson and Ethan Allen Jackson. I found Ethan's grave but could not find Henry's. I have since seen a picture of his grave there but don't know its location from Ethan's. Ethan died in 1898 and Henry died in 1929. I'll have to make another trip to look for Henrys head stone. I know what it looks like now. Ethan moved to town in around 1866.
I thank you for the info I got from you when we met and pray for the best for you. Dale
Replied on: 6:51am 08-20-2016

Thank you for your comments and prayers. Surely appreciated.
2017 will be our sesquicentennial year with plans for a nice celebration. That would be a good time to visit. We wish we could get a lot of the descendants to come but aren't having much luck. We will be publishing a new history book for that occasion. You can watch the website for info on it.
Thanks again.
I'll see if I can get the location of Henry's in reference to Ethan's grave. They are probably close.
Mary Runyon Hanshew

2:49pm 08-09-2016
There is a notation included with the obituary for my Great Great Grandmother, Anna E. Walsh (Welch) regarding the different spellings of her married name. There is a notation regarding her daughter, Regina Kemmer's birth certificate giving the correct spelling of her father....Andrew Welch which you indicated would be your feeling this was the correct spelling. I'm looking for the memorial for Regina Kemmer that has that info. Also, I hope your doing well!! Thanks...Shirley
Replied on: 6:54am 08-20-2016

I have checked and I do not have Regina's obit. I will however look for it and get it to you if found. I'm not sure, I guess that was an early assumption on the spelling. Now, looking at the stones, it seems that Walsh is perhaps the correct one. Will keep you informed thru direct email.

Have added Regina Kemmer's obit to my site.

3:51am 07-10-2016
Thank you for your efforts in creating this great site. My GG grandfather Henry Swigelson was among those who died.
Replied on: 5:26am 08-10-2016

Thank you for your comment. Always looking for info on the Chatsworth Wreck!

4:28pm 05-19-2016
Colleen Capps
I am looking for any information regarding a town called "Blue Sky" which back in 1857 was located near Chatsworth. I have a great aunt who was born there and would like to know its exact location and if it still exists or is it a ghost town. I was sent a link regarding a Mr. MIller who also was born there but lived in Fulton County in the Cuba area. In his 55th Wedding announcement it stated he was born in Blue Sky. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you cannot help me, would you be so kind as to direct me the Historical Society? With appreciation, Colleen
Replied on: 5:23am 08-10-2016

I have found no information on this town near Chatsworth. You might try the Livingston County Historical Society, or the Illinois HS.

7:52pm 04-17-2016
Laura Jannika Rust
great site...looking for relatives in Chatsworth that would have gotten foster child Louis Rust in about 1905. He was later sent to Julius Wisthuff home in about 1906. Would anyone know of whos home he would have been originally sent to as an orphan off the train?
Replied on: 8:06am 04-28-2016

Could be an interesting story. Have emailed you direct.

8:15pm 03-28-2016
Rosie Hacker Goembe
My Mother Nellie G Hayden used to take care of two elderly men named Joe Walsh and his brother in Chatsworth. do you have any information on them?
Replied on: 7:46am 04-28-2016

Emailed you direct.

3:42pm 03-24-2016
Dennis Lent
Heald and Ash. One of the Healds was on the crew that was burning the weeds.He testified at the inquest.
3:25pm 01-22-2016
carol jerkovic
Hi Mary,Ive been thinking of you ans want to send my best wishes for you.
Replied on: 9:24am 02-04-2016

Thank you Carol! I think of you often too and wishing you the best in your trials. They will make you stronger they say.

8:53pm 01-07-2016
Nancy Z. Tunkel
My great grandmother & grandfather Anna Blumb Zimmermann and Robert Zimmermann survived the Chatsworth train wreck. Thank you for informatiom regarding others involved.
Replied on: 9:26am 02-04-2016

You are welcome. I am in the process of adding some new info. Hopefully something on the Zimmermanns too.

9:21am 11-18-2015
Ricky Hollis

This is a GREAT site. Do you know who now owns "Oliver's Grove"? I do have some information that I got from Bonnie Oliver years ago. I believe she's descended from his first marriage.

Replied on: 9:26am 02-04-2016

Emailing you direct.

11:55pm 11-01-2015
Judie Ramos
What a wonderful website!! I have a marriage to add - in Chatsworth - 1900 - in the form of a copy of an article when the bride celebrated her 88th birthday in Collum. Can send if you can use it.
Replied on: 7:13am 11-08-2015

Will email you direct.

11:31am 10-26-2015
T Nordmann, Bath ME
I was searching for my great-grandmother's husband John Baack they were married in chatsworth in 1897. He was a veteran of the 57th Illinois volunteer Infantry. I have his discharge certificate and his citizenship papers as well as his disability pension award. He was very kind to my grandfather and I hate to think that his grave may be uncared for.
Replied on: 8:43am 10-28-2015

Emailing you direct.

8:46pm 10-01-2015
Angie Bicknell
Hi there! Was just looking at your pictures of the grandpa attended that school as a child. He took me to visit the museum when I was younger. Just enjoy looking
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